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Sunday, 22 June, 2014

Dr. Fruitenstein’s Wall of Weird

Monster Maker Wall of Weird

Have you been making fruit monsters with our Dr. Fruitenstein Monster Maker?

Dr. Fruitenstein would love to see them!
We’re going to be creating a place to see them called Dr. Fruitenstein’s Wall of Weird.

If you’d like your fruit monster creation to appear on the Wall of Weird…

Send your monster images to include your monster’s name and if you like a fact about your monster, your name and your email address.

At the end of each week of July we will pick a winner and they will receive a Fruity Cuties button badge set! (Please send no more than three monsters a week).

Wednesday, 7 November, 2012

Super Villains Winners

competition winners

Our judges have chosen 5 winners for the Super Villains Competition.

Our winners are

Andy Green, Ontario, Canada
Falak Rafi, Virginia, USA
Dominique Masia, New Jersey, USA
Felicity Li, British Columbia, Canada
Harry Singler, Hertsfordshire, UK

Congratulations to our winners! Your prizes will be on the way to you soon and your characters will be drawn and appear on the Fruity Cuties website later this month.

Sunday, 21 October, 2012

Keep sending us your Super Villains!

competition update

We are loving all your fantastic and creative fruit and vegetable super villain ideas!

We’ve had few questions about what you can and can’t send as ideas for the competition so here are some answers…

Please don’t write stories as this isn’t a story competition.
We just need a name and short description of what the character looks like. That description can also include a villain catchphrase, special skill, power or prop too.

Please don’t copy anyone else’s ideas, we want these villains to be original.

Remember your character needs to be a fruit or vegetable

A tip for naming your character
Create a rhyming name (e.g. Savage Cabbage) or a name that starts with the same letter as the fruit or vegetable (e.g. our heroes – Lighting Lime and Lethal Lemon).

Keep sending us your Super Villains! There are 10 more days (closing date 31 October).
Send it by email to

Sunday, 14 October, 2012

Super Villain Competition

Super Villains

Create a Super Villain Competition

Ordinary citrus citizens by day and Sour-powered crime fighters by night, Super Hero Lethal Lemon and his zesty little sidekick Lightning Lime keep Citrus City safe from Super Villains like Bad Apple and his Megalo-Maggot.

Just like Batman, Lethal Lemon and Lightning Lime has more than one Super Villain foe. Your challenge is to create a new Super Villain fruit or vegetable.

You can draw or write a description of the appearance of your Super Villain, give them a fantastically, fiendish, frightening or funny name and maybe a gadget or super power they use. They could also have a catchphrase they use when they do battle with our citrus Super Heroes!

PLEASE DO NOT WRITE A STORY, we just want a short character description.

The Prizes

Be as creative and as original as you can be. The creators of the 4 best fruit or vegetable villains will each win a lemon plush toy and a lightning Lime charm phone strap and have their characters drawn by Fruity Cuties creator to appear on the Fruity Cuties website.

How to Enter

Send your entry by email to . Competition closes Midnight on Wednesday 31st October 2012.

Thursday, 11 October, 2012

Lethal Lemon and Lightning Lime are back!

Heroes return

Citrus Super Heroes – Lethal Lemon and Lightning Lime are back for our new competition. More information coming next week!

Sunday, 23 September, 2012

A Super Hint…

A hint

Blogberry here! I have news! A new Fruity Cuties competition starts in October. See the picture above for a clue!

Sunday, 29 July, 2012

And the Winners are…

Once Upon a Lime

Firstly we would like to thank everyone who entered the Once Upon a Lime storytelling competition. You’re a talented and creative bunch! We had close to 700 entries to the competition so our judges have been very busy creating a shortlist of 30 of the best stories and then trying to agree on the top 4 stories.

The winning stories and their creators in no particular order are:

“The Adventures of Date Quixote” by The Leahy Sisters

“Lime the Mime” by Caroline Gianola

“The aVEGers” by Jasmine and Yvone

“The Dancing Fig” by Immy Cowper

The winners will receive their prizes soon and their stories will be illustrated on the Fruity Cuties website in September and October 2012.

The judges would also like give honourable mention to the following entrants. They were not prize winners but were felt by the judges to have produced great work:

Abby McLaughlin, Molly, Nancy Soares, Jenna Hobgood, Samantha Hobgood, Phoebe Nerem, Michaela, Charlotte Potts, Vishal Shiatis, Debbie Serpell, Victoria Hua, Mara Nielsen, Orla Cross, Lee Gwei Theen, Lucy Walsh, Emily D., Melina, Falak Rafi.

Saturday, 28 July, 2012

Story competition winners to be announced on Sunday, July 29

Hi! It’s blogberry here! The Once Upon a Lime competition judges have just about finished arguing over their final shortlist of story entries so the winners will be announced on Sunday, July 29.