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Sunday, 22 June, 2014

Dr. Fruitenstein’s Wall of Weird

Monster Maker Wall of Weird

Have you been making fruit monsters with our Dr. Fruitenstein Monster Maker?

Dr. Fruitenstein would love to see them!
We’re going to be creating a place to see them called Dr. Fruitenstein’s Wall of Weird.

If you’d like your fruit monster creation to appear on the Wall of Weird…

Send your monster images to include your monster’s name and if you like a fact about your monster, your name and your email address.

At the end of each week of July we will pick a winner and they will receive a Fruity Cuties button badge set! (Please send no more than three monsters a week).

Thursday, 31 October, 2013

Dr. Fruitenstein’s Monster Maker

Monster Maker

Happy Halloween!

Why not join Dr. Fruitenstein in his laboratory to make and save your own fruit monsters!
Dr. Fruitenstein’s Monster Maker