Thank you (x1000)

1000 Facebook likes

Thanks everyone! The Fruity Cuties Facebook page has 1,000 likes!

I’ve really appreciated your support particularly from those fans who helped to rebuild our following on Facebook. Our original Facebook fan page was set up by a fan and co-administrated with me. It was sadly hacked a couple of years ago and we were unable to take back control of the page so lost the 2,000+ likes we had.

So thanks again for your support. If you’ve not checked out the Fruity Cuties Facebook page then it’s here

A bit of bad news…


Many of you like to follow Fruity Cuties on Facebook and some of you maybe aware that there are two Fruity Cuties on Facebook – an Official Profile page run by us where you can become a ‘friend’ and an unofficial fan page that you can ‘like’. The fan page was set up by a big fan of Fruity Cuties. Unfortunately the fan page was HACKED in the last couple of days resulting in the cover picture being changed and both real administrators being permanently locked out of the fan page account.

This affects about 1,800 Facebook users who have ‘liked’ the fan page but does NOT affect the 2,250 friends of the official Fruity Cuties Facebook profile.

Unfortunately Facebook seem unlikely to help restore the fan page administration so we would recommend that if you are affected that you become a ‘friend’ of the official Fruity Cuties Facebook profile instead.

Fruity Cuties is also on twitter and now on Google+.