Difficult Fruit

Over the six and half years that Fruity Cuties has been going we’ve encountered some DIFFICULT FRUIT!

These difficult fruit (and vegetables) have refused to turn themselves into funny Fruity Cuties jokes no matter how much we’ve encouraged them!

So if you think you can turn Asparagus, Rhubarb, Cranberry, Cress or Spinach into a laugh out loud joke or pun then send a message to me from our contact us page.

It’s been a while…

If you’re a regular visitor to the Fruity Cuties website or follow us through one of the many social platforms Facebook, Twitter etc. then you’ve probably noticed that new Fruity Cuties stuff hasn’t been appearing that often in 2014.

Many of you have written messages asking (or even demanding!) what’s happened to Fruity Cuties and when it will be back to regular posting of jokes, games and other stuff.

The short answer is August but for the longer and hopefully more interesting one then read on…

I have a confession, often you’ll read the words ‘we’ on the Fruity Cuties website but there is in fact not a huge company or team, there is just one person behind Fruity Cuties and that’s me!

I’m Nick and I’m all things Fruity Cuties! – illustrator, writer, designer, social media manager, webmaster, coder and more.

If you’ve ever ordered anything from the Fruity Cuties online shop and received in the mail a handwritten parcel then that’s my handwriting on the parcel. It’s me who stood in the post office queue to mail it to you.

Finding time to be the maker of Fruity Cuties has always been something of a challenge (an enjoyable one) and particular in 2014 with the arrival of my second child, my beautiful baby daughter Abigail. Time has been tight and my priorities have obviously had to change at least for a while.

August might seem an odd time to make a new year’s resolution but I’ve decided that it’s time to start updating Fruity Cuties with new stuff far more often. In fact I’m feeling very ambitious and I aim to make it something I do everyday. Even if it’s something tiny – maybe a tweet, maybe a blog post or a drawing.

Now I’m not saying you’ll going to be getting to laugh at a new Fruity Cuties joke everyday as after 6 years and over 260 fruit and vegetable themed jokes I have I think got pretty close to exhausting the subject for humour and puns. Though somedays I get lucky and a new joke idea pops into my head. What I will try to bring you is interesting and fun stuff about fruit and vegetables. Some of it will be information pulled from all the corners of the worldwide web, some I will create and I hope some will be created by you and shared here with other fans of Fruity Cuties.

I’m sure it won’t be perfect but let’s see how ‘we’ go!

Bye for now


Dr. Fruitenstein’s Wall of Weird

Monster Maker Wall of Weird

Have you been making fruit monsters with our Dr. Fruitenstein Monster Maker?

Dr. Fruitenstein would love to see them!
We’re going to be creating a place to see them called Dr. Fruitenstein’s Wall of Weird.

If you’d like your fruit monster creation to appear on the Wall of Weird…

Send your monster images to monsters@fruitycuties.com include your monster’s name and if you like a fact about your monster, your name and your email address.

At the end of each week of July we will pick a winner and they will receive a Fruity Cuties button badge set! (Please send no more than three monsters a week).

250th Fruity Cuties on Saturday!

Fruity Cuties 250th joke

On Saturday 12th January we start our new series Vegefables & Fruity tales. We’re also celebrating our 250th Fruity Cuties joke!

When we started almost 5 years ago we never thought we would create so many and even now find it hard to believe we created hundreds.