Difficult Fruit

Over the six and half years that Fruity Cuties has been going we’ve encountered some DIFFICULT FRUIT!

These difficult fruit (and vegetables) have refused to turn themselves into funny Fruity Cuties jokes no matter how much we’ve encouraged them!

So if you think you can turn Asparagus, Rhubarb, Cranberry, Cress or Spinach into a laugh out loud joke or pun then send a message to me from our contact us page.

250th Fruity Cuties on Saturday!

Fruity Cuties 250th joke

On Saturday 12th January we start our new series Vegefables & Fruity tales. We’re also celebrating our 250th Fruity Cuties joke!

When we started almost 5 years ago we never thought we would create so many and even now find it hard to believe we created hundreds.